We Like Sportz: Coronavirus Impacting Sports as a Whole & Mental Health

On this week’s episode we discuss the current state of the world with a local athletic director from Bedford High School, and we discuss what the school is trying to do for the seniors that did not get to finish out their senior year the proper way.

Also discussed in the interview is the possibility of baseball resuming soon and how playing the length of a high school game can change the game, especially with a team having strong starting pitching.

Coach Chris Cox from Hooligans Boxing & MMA joins the podcast as well and comments on the current dilemma that he is going through without his gym being able to open, and how most of his members are fighting addiction, alcoholism, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, and abusive relationships. Chris also opens up about how his gym is a place where they are like family, and how he cares about helping the individual, and not just making money, which most business owners neglect to do.

Lastly, during the podcast we discuss a statement regarding the fact that Christian Yelich and Grady Sizemore could have been on the same path if Sizemore stayed healthy. Someone on Twitter went a step further and stated Sizemore could have been in the MLB Hall of Fame if injuries did not consume his career.

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