Corona Killing Sports

By: Nick Patterson

It all started when both the Ivy Leagues officially cancelled both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Yale took Ivy League title for the men, and Princeton took the title for the women.

The next cancellation came from Santa Clara County in California, where a ban was placed on all mass gatherings. This included the San Jose Sharks, the first professional team in the United States to have fan attendance affected by the Coronavirus.

Up in Connecticut, they called off the rest of the high school hockey season, including playoffs – a devastating way to end the season and careers for senior students.

That was unfortunately just the beginning.

What followed was unprecedented. The NBA suspended the remainder of the season, the NHL followed suit, and the MLB delayed Opening Day.

All NCAA basketball tournaments were cancelled and March Madness? You guessed it. Cancelled.

COVID-19 has changed the world not only in terms of health, but sports as well.

As the virus seemingly gets worse and worse by the day, hopefully things start to look up soon. You can only hope things start to get better.

Sports were maybe the one thing to distract all of us from this chaos, and hopefully we can get that one thing back soon.

Thoughts and prayers are with everybody dealing with this terrible virus.

Cover photo via: Michael Conroy/AP Photo

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